New Lens

With my first baby on the way I thought I would use it as a good excuse to ask for a new camera lens for my birthday. My lovely husband and parents gave me the Sony E 50mm f/1.8 lens I asked for. I’ve only taken a few quick shots but I look forward to … Continue reading New Lens


Three walls in the nursery will have white trees. To do this I scanned to-scale drawings into my computer so that I could use a projector. This method worked very well as I was able to hook up my laptop to the project which made it very easy to place and re-size the trees on … Continue reading Nursery


I finally completed this relief print to a point where it can be proofed. It has taken me months because I have found this one very tedious and really struggled working on it long enough and regular enough to get it to this point. It’s not large, 40cm x 40 cm (I think). Anyway, I … Continue reading Finally